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william jennings bryan biography cross of gold - william jennings bryan william jennings bryan populist leader and orator who ran unsuccessfully three times for u s president 1896 1900 and 1908 some saw him as an ambitious demagogue others as a champion of liberal causes learn about his policies cross of gold speech and role in the scopes monkey trial, william jennings bryan wikipedia - william jennings bryan was born in salem illinois on march 19 1860 to silas lillard bryan and mariah elizabeth jennings bryan silas bryan had been born in 1822 and had established a legal practice in salem in 1851 he married mariah a former student of his at mckendree college in 1852 of scots irish and english ancestry silas bryan was an avid jacksonian democrat, the political graveyard index to politicians bryan - a database of political history and cemeteries with brief biographical entries for 277 483 u s political figures living and dead from the 1700s to the present, a godly hero the life of william jennings bryan michael - one of the best books of the year the washington post chicago tribune los angeles times st louis post dispatch politician evangelist and reformer william jennings bryan was the most popular public speaker of his time, william jennings bryan u s history com - william jennings bryan was born in salem illinois he was educated at illinois college in jacksonville and union law school in chicago bryan practiced law in jacksonville for several years but in 1887 moved to lincoln nebraska where he hoped to launch a political career, ruth bryan owen wikipedia - biography early years ruth bryan was born on october 2 1885 in jacksonville illinois to william jennings bryan and his wife mary e baird ruth s father was an attorney and three time presidential candidate growing up ruth had to move several times depending on her father s work in politics, william mckinley biography presidency assassination - william mckinley william mckinley 25th president of the united states 1897 1901 under his leadership the country went to war against spain in 1898 and thereby acquired a global empire which included puerto rico guam and the philippines mckinley was assassinated in 1901 learn more about his life and career, william randolph hearst publisher business biography - william randolph hearst was a larger than life figure who for a time controlled much of the u s news media read about his rise and fall on biography com, election of 1896 republican mckinley defeats democrat bryan - the republicans the republican nominating convention met in st louis in 1896 marcus hanna the prominent cleveland businessman and political operator had lined up more than enough votes to assure the selection of william mckinley the governor of ohio and driving force behind the earlier mckinley tariff thirty four of the delegates walked out of the convention refusing to accept the party, william mckinley biography 25th u s president timeline - hanna had already devoted his full time for his partner s candidacy mckinley was nominated for the seat of the president in 1896 with the democratic william jennings bryan as his opponent, history of livingston county from the history of caldwell - commissioner gregory was at this time ordered to enter the land the quarter section on which the town was situated but did not do so and notwithstanding lots were sold and titles made by the county from october 1837 the town site belonged to the united states and was not entered until august 1839 when it was entered by wm e pearl county seat commissioner, grover cleveland the white house - the first democrat elected after the civil war grover cleveland was the only president to leave the white house and return for a second term four years later