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otto von bismarck wikipedia - the regent soon replaced bismarck as envoy in frankfurt and made him prussia s ambassador to the russian empire in theory this was a promotion as russia was one of prussia s two most powerful neighbors, german battleship bismarck wikipedia - bismarck was the first of two bismarck class battleships built for nazi germany s kriegsmarine named after chancellor otto von bismarck the ship was laid down at the blohm voss shipyard in hamburg in july 1936 and launched in february 1939 work was completed in august 1940 when she was commissioned into the german fleet bismarck and her sister ship tirpitz were the largest battleships, german empire facts history map britannica com - the german empire was founded on january 18 1871 in the aftermath of three successful wars by the north german state of prussia within a seven year period denmark the habsburg monarchy and france were vanquished in short decisive conflicts the empire was bismarck and the rise of prussia the treaty of prague concluded the seven weeks war with austria and other german states on, otto von bismarck biography significance facts - otto von bismarck otto von bismarck prime minister of prussia 1862 73 1873 90 and founder and first chancellor 1871 90 of the german empire whose time in office took prussia from the weakest of the five european powers to as the unified german empire the foremost military and industrial power on the continent, bismarck and the german empire by erich eyck 1964 01 01 - bismarck and the german empire by erich eyck 1964 01 01 on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers new copy fast shipping will be shipped from us, amazon com tamiya models german wwii battleship bismarck - t 06 00 hours on saturday 24th may 1941 the royal navy was dealt one of its most shattering blows the 42 000 ton battle cruiser hood was destroyed after an action lasting barely eight minutes with bismarch the largest and most modern battleship in service with the german navy, german colonial empire new world encyclopedia - the german colonial empire was an overseas area formed in the late nineteenth century as part of the hohenzollern dynasty s german empire short lived colonial efforts by individual german states had occurred in preceding centuries but imperial germany s colonial efforts began in 1883, sparknotes europe 1848 1871 german unification 1850 1871 - german unification 1850 1871 summary whereas camillo di cavour directed italian unification a junker the prussian name for an aristocratic landowner from old prussia in the east named otto von bismarck pushed german unification through blood and iron and skillful understanding of realpolitik, the line pickelhaube kaiser s bunker - the intent of this page is to show a few examples of leather pickelhaube worn prior to the end of the german empire in november 1918 to show one of every pattern for all the contingents in every rank would be impossible and involve hundreds of examples